Terms and Conditions

We hope you find Rosebud Farm site etiquette common sense and consistent, in order to deliver the tranquility that our guests have become accustomed to. We would like to make these clear before booking, this ensures everyone has a pleasant experience on our bespoke quiet site and comes back year after year to our hidden gem.

1. The aim of our site is to keep it simple, with nicely cut grass and clean facilities, to provide a safe and relaxing worry free base for Adults Only (18+) who MUST be on holiday (i.e. not working, on a course, or any other organised events). 

2. The gates to the site are opened at 9am and closed at 11pm, locked overnight, pedestrian access is available outside these times. Please do not start your engines on site whilst the gates are closed, we politely ask that you walk to empty rubbish, chemical waste, fetching water or during your visits to the toilet / shower block, (this applies wet or dry) to preserve the site.

3. Radios or televisions for all units, in particular, tents & awnings are to be kept on low volume, (i.e. should not be heard by your neighbours), this applies day and night, no musical instruments to be played on site.

4. All portable electrical appliances must be camping equipment only,  i.e. check that the wattage is no greater than 1500 watts (1.5kw). 

5. Dogs (max 2) must be under control and supervised, pick up is a must, so bring your bags. 

6. We accept maximum 2 adults, in the event of 2 bookings trying to join on site, the last booking will be cancelled with no refund. i.e; no groups. (definition of group 3 or more persons). Likewise, please refrain from gatherings in units, on pitches or benches.

7. Barbecues are allowed at least 300mm off the ground or above, all others below this height will require slate provided by Campsite to prevent burning the grass.

8. No open fires, chimneys, log burners or generators, please do not erect flag poles, roach poles, bunting or decorative flashing lighting (supporting IDA area), solar lights highlighting trip hazards such as guy ropes are acceptable. Do not fly kites, drones or any radio controlled aircraft.  

9. Arrival times are strictly 12 noon until 6pm   -   Departure times are strictly 9am until 12 noon.  

10. 5 mph speed limit on site,  i.e please drive slowly.

11. Please avoid excessive noise at all times, anyone who creates a disturbance or inconvenience, for the sake of the other campers, will be asked to leave the site immediately, without notice and will not be entitled to a refund.

12. You must pay for all the days that you have booked in full on arrival, cash or card accepted.

13. We advise that you have adequate holiday/travel/sickness insurance to cover all eventualities as we do not refund.

14. No visitors or deliveries allowed on site at any time (medical exception) all pick-ups and drop-offs by family, friends or taxis are from the summerhouse or entrance only.

15. Late departures if pitch is available, need to be notified and paid for on arrival and are charged from 12 noon - 6pm half nightly rate and after 6pm - full nightly rate. this maintains a fair distribution of costs to the pitch.

16. Electric car charging :- Due to our rural location, the current infrastructure does not give us capacity for ev charging, there are charging points at Camelford and Wadebridge or use Zap.map to find other locations en route or near us. Do not charge any electric vehicle on site. 

17. By booking onto this site, you are accepting our t & c`s and privacy policy.

The above conditions are not exhaustive, but are a guideline to creating a peaceful and relaxing site.

Please note:- The owners will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal property or injury to persons or pets during their stay at Rosebud Farm Touring Park.